Central Services Survey

Survey Results

Transparent reporting of the Central Services surveys provides information to school communities and the public to ensure accountability for the services offered by central departments. Survey results are separated by unit, division, or department based on school-based staff and Central Services personnel according to each group of respondents and as overall results.

Performance Plans

Similar to how the School Performance Plan serves as a blueprint designed to support school leadership teams in improving overall school performance, the Central Services Performance Plan will serve as a blueprint designed to assist and guide Central Services’ departments and divisions in improving overall services and support to schools. The Central Services Performance Plan is a tool for Central Services personnel to document and monitor their plans for improving customer service and support. The plan will provide information on the division and/or department data analysis and identify strategies that will be utilized to increase services and support to schools.

Results for Central Services as a whole

These results are aggregated at the highest possible level, across all of Central Services.


Results for a specific Central Service

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